The Author

Stephen Lewis

‘Once you label me you negate me’ – Søren Kierkegaard

I’m an economist, historian, writer and freelance journalist. I studied economics, history, archaeology and Germanic languages/linguistics up to doctoral level at the London School of Economics and at the universities of London, Manchester, Warwick, New York and Erlangen. That probably makes me a bit of a perpetual student. But I have also somehow managed to work for over thirty years in some of the more rarefied echelons of business.

I’ve taught economics, finance and banking at London, Manchester, Warwick and City Business Schools, as well at The Swiss National Bank and the Bank of England. More recently I’ve taught English and Germanic languages/linguistics.

I also write on ecological subjects for Resurgence, The Ecologist and Positive News and I’m acting as Guest Economics Commissioning Editor for the merged Resurgence/The Ecologist.

I also love flying (I am a pilot and flying instructor) and I’m a Wilderness/Mountain Leader.

Regardless of what I happened to be doing to make a living, outside business my passions have always been history, in its widest sense, economics and ecology.

I am now a ‘research fellow’ at the University of Caen Normandy, researching the Vikings:

  1. HI Stephen, thanks for signing up to follow my blog. will be keeping an eye on yours when I can find time. cheers

  2. SoundEagle says:

    Hi Stephen,

    I have in my possession a 15 year-old book “Valuing Nature?: Ethics, Economics and the Environment” by John Michael Foster (1997), and “Nature’s Economy: A History of Ecological Ideas” by Donald Worster (2nd ed. 1994, reprinted 1997), which seems to be the successor of “Nature’s economy: the roots of ecology” by the same author (1977). If you don’t mind my asking, do you think that these two are the best of their kinds and whether they are already out-of-date? Are there better books out there?

  3. Gaz says:

    I enjoyed your article which featured Thomas Corbet and the Marches because it appeals to my ancestry.

  4. Have you written anything on the Crimean War? British colonial history writ large. Balaclava (the hat, named after the town), charge of the light brigade, Sevastopol, and not forgetting the birth of British nursing (Florence Nightingale) and the emergence of women to prominence, decades before the suffragettes.

  5. Karan Dash says:

    Fascinating blog, do you lecture in the UK/EU ever? Be good to meet you. My current interest is in trans (northern) European trade and religious links at the close of the 11C.

  6. Ban Impire says:

    Glad I found this on Reddit as I have an interest in history as well so thanks for the posts.

  7. Janet says:

    I think I’m going to enjoy this blog.

  8. Do you think the area between Ribble and Mersey could have been a burial ground for Pagans?
    Chris Pope (Maghull, meaning “Glorius Ull”)

  9. Keith Fisher says:

    Do you have a name? I found this site while searching Daniel Hochstetter. I am researching for a new, hopefully final and complete, book of the story of the German swordmakers of Shotley Bridge (I live on Tyneside). I am trying to discover the history of the Vintings/Vintons as they were in the Derwent Valley lead mining, and prepared the way for the arrival of the Remschied families. I feel sure they followed in the wake of Hochstetter but they only appear in historical references during the mid 1600s. I have been reading Elizabethan Copper in the hope of finding mention, but with no success. I wondered if you had any information regarding them. I also have to welcome you to the lovers of Caravansarai; his finest album and a firm favourite of mine since its first release.

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